Basic Guidelines for Brewing a Good Cup of Tea

Basic Guidelines for Brewing a Good Cup of Tea

Use loose whole-leaf tea

  •  Start with a good quality tea (ie. St.Bibiana) Every leaf, seed and root was especially chosen not  just for its medicinal benefits but also its compatibility when preparing.​​​

  • Use good water

No need to over think this but it does matter. Use fresh water because stale water makes stale tea.

  • Get the temperature of the water right

The Brits say, “just off boil”, which translates to bring to a boil, let the temperature drop a wee bit and then pour.

  • Do not over-steep- Over steeping can cause your tea to be too bitter, but this is a very personal thing so just use a trial and error approach

  • Give your tea enough space to release its flavor. This comes down to choosing the right equipment and there are so many amazing devices out there. I will highlight some down below. 

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